About Airbrushing

One of the biggest secrets behind beautiful make-up application is flawless looking skin. Airbrush Makeup is most commonly used among celebrities in the T.V & Film industries, because of advanced technology, High Definition T.V. (HDTV), and the cameras of today capture the smallest detail with the lenses and conversion to digital technology. Airbrushing makeup sprays on leaving your skin smooth and flawless. Well trained and certified Makeup artists are now introducing this new technique to our brides as it creates a smooth and flawless looking face in your photographs and your wedding DVD.

Airbrushing is water resistant and smudge proof; it will not rub off like traditional foundations.

Airbrushing foundation is sprayed on the face so it connects with your skin instead of just laying on your skin. Its sprayable pigment is lighter than air. Airbrushing allows the skin to breathe so it feels like your not wearing any make-up at all and gives you the "no make-up" flawless look.

Airbrushing gives a matte poreless finish so you never look shiny and never have to blot or powder, nor touch up your makeup throughout your occasion.

The benefits to airbrushing are:

Airbrushing is used on the face and body. It is ideal for chest, arms and shoulders and lasts for over 12 hours. It will cover a range of different skin problems. It is the 'Un-Makeup Look,' since it minimizes skin imperfections, while leaving a beautifully natural finished looking result to your skin.

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